Founded in 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nimbus builds boats that meet the demands of the boater who appreciates smart features, comfort, safety and Scandinavian design. These are properties we consider essential, whether you're heading out for a short trip, a weekend getaway, or a long cruise.

A Nimbus offers timeless design, comfort, quality and safety at sea, values ​​that we know every owner demands for themselves and their family. Whatever the model, each part or function of our boats has been developed to satisfy your needs and create the right atmosphere on board. Additionally, Nimbus offers a wide range of marine accessories and options to meet your customization needs.

An essential element of the Nimbus that encompasses much more than just the ability to drive safely in all weather conditions and the amount of space on board. It includes all the ingredients that go into every Nimbus – from design, production method and materials to delivery, service and accessibility. Our ambition is to make boat ownership simple and life on board as comfortable as possible.

Built to the highest standards and tested to optimize your experience at sea. Not only can you feel the difference, you benefit from certified proof by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) – the most renowned maritime certification agency in the world. world. Every Nimbus built is tested and certified by DNV.

Scandinavian design
A complete vision in which functionality is at the heart of the design of each model. We build boats for demanding people who want their boat to perform as well as it can be.
Form, function and materials should all serve a clear purpose. When the boat's proportions, materials, functionality and seakeeping capabilities are in harmony, we have created a truly timeless Scandinavian design.

Eco-friendly, award-winning high-tech production facilities, vacuum infusion technology combined with a passionate team of boat builders with over forty years of know-how who strive for perfection in the smallest details. The result ? Satisfied Nimbus owners who appreciate the quality of life on board.


The NIMBUS range

The Tender series is aimed at those who appreciate meticulous contemporary Scandinavian design and appreciate well-thought-out solutions and smart features that provide comfortable living at sea with almost unlimited possibilities.

NIMBUS Tender Series :


Suitable for all your activities at sea. Stay protected in the greatest comfort thanks to its large enveloping windshield. A pure Scandinavian design and a functional and refined design which offers you the possibility of living several days on board.

NIMBUS Weekender Series :

Commuter :
Contemporary transport ships designed to make daily life on board as simple and comfortable as possible, whether you are traveling alone or with passengers.

NIMBUS Commuter Series :


Coupe Cruiser :
An internationally award-winning series with superior qualities where onboard activities have been combined with excellent cruising characteristics. Our Coupe Cruiser are designed for demanding customers who enjoy comfort and simplified use.

NIMBUS Coupe Series :
NIMBUS 305 Drophead / NIMBUS 305 Coupe / NIMBUS 365 Coupe / NIMBUS 405 Coupe / NIMBUS 405 Fly / NIMBUS 465 Coupe

Link to the NIMBUS website :

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Nimbus 465

2 x 480ch
1.500.000 €

Nimbus W11

2 x 400ch
620.000 €

Nimbus W11

2 x 400ch
550.000 €

Nimbus T11

2 x 300ch
510.000 €

Nimbus 365 Coupe

1 x 270ch
485.000 €

Nimbus C11

2 x 300ch
460.000 €

Nimbus T9

2 x 225ch
251.000 €

Nimbus T9

1 x 300ch
232.000 €

Nimbus 365 Coupe

1 x 435ch
229.000 €

Nimbus C9

1 x 350ch
200.000 €

Nimbus W9

1 x 350ch
190.000 €

Nimbus W9

1 x 350ch
160.000 €

Nimbus C8

1 x 300ch
155.000 €

Nimbus T8

1 x 300ch
155.000 €